2016 - 2017 JWL Board


2016-2017 Executive Board

Clair Britt, President

Nicole Flippin, Vice President

Susan Miskelly, Past President

Kelly Gedert, Director of Finance

Gina Rogers, Treasurer

Katie Vogel, Corresponding Secretary

Lacy Ngo, Recording Secretary

Standing Committees

Admissions– Chelsea Eichorn, Chair and Autumn Maddox, Vice Chair

By-Laws– Sarah Woodring, Chair and Anna Winstead, Vice Chair

Community Relations/Website– Rebecca Bridges, Chair and Ashley Owens, Vice Chair

Education– Marina Hamilton, Chair and Rachel Williams, Vice Chair

Future Directions– Nicole Flippin

General Fundraising– Julia Rogers, Chair and Heather Deese, Vice Chair

Historian– Carmen Deas

League House– Molly Halfacre

Service– Courtney Young, Chair and Susie Kirsch, Vice Chair

Social– Amy Kachin, Chair and Michele Tyler, Vice Chair

Strategic Planning- Sundi Gonzales, Chair and Ann Dalton, Vice Chair

Sustainer Representative– Jodie Roberts-Smith

Twice is Nice– Tara Park, Chair and Vickey Edwards, Vice Chair